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Allergen Advice


Gluten Free?


All our chocolate products are gluten free except the licorice ranges.

However all our products are manufactured in the same facility as products that contain gluten, tree nuts, soy and milk


Dairy Free?


Our dark chocolate is dairy free. 

However all our products are manufactured in the same facility as products that contain gluten, tree nuts, soy and milk




How should I store my chocolate when it arrives?


Chocolate is very sensitive to temperature and humidity.  

It should be kept away from sunlight in a cool, dry place with a temperature ranging from 15 to 20°C.

Chocolate is best enjoyed when eaten at room temperature.

If the storage temperature extremely changes then this may cause blooming (whitish colour on the surface of the chocolate) or the appearance of “chocolate shock”.

These are the fats in the chocolate rising to the surface.

The chocolate is still edible, but it may affect the chocolate’s quality of taste and texture.

The cocoa butter in chocolate absorbs odours easily, be sure to store your chocolate away from items that have strong odours such as garlic, onion, or perfumed products such as soap.

These fragrances and odours can permeate into the chocolate and impact the taste and flavour profile.




All our boxed products are certified organic and state the Australian Certified Organic logo, although our other products are made with organic ingredients not all our products are certified please look for the ACO logo if are on selling our products in an organic shop or wholesaler. 




When should I expect my order to be posted?


The production and packing is all done by hand and therefore takes time, please allow at least 2 days for this during general packing and 1 week for peak seasonal times.

Please note: when selected express post you are selected quicker transit not express “skip the line” for production and packing


How do you ship my order?


We post all domestic and international parcels through Australia Post.

We will send through a confirmation email to state your order is in transit and then later that evening you’ll receive an email with tracking information directly from Australia Post.




I made a mistake with your address or products


Please email as soon as possible stating the full name on the order as well as the order number.

Alternatively please call 0269243574 between 9am – 4pm Monday - Friday


There was an issue with my order


Please email within 2-3 days of receiving your order stating the full name on the order as well as the order number.

Be sure to include a description of the problem (including photos) and a batch number and best before of the product.


Considering corporate gifts?

Chocolate really is the perfect gift to show thanks to your staff or directors.

Please email through to with your request and state amount of hampers you wish to gift as well as if the parcels will be individually sent to addresses or bulk dispatch to your company address.



Donations and Sponsorship

We absolutely love supporting our local sporting clubs and causes! Although as you can imagine we receive a very large amount of donation requests and unfortunately can’t financial aid all requests. Please send through requests to but please understand that we can’t fulfil all requests and in times can provide our products at a discounted rate as an alternatively.


Want to visit us?


Factory Tours

We run guided tours everyday 10:30am & 1:30pm where you can witness the licorice production and chocolate manufacturing, sample the products and play a fun game of Vertical Licorice Bowling.

This tour is wheelchair friendly and is a fun time for all ages.

Guided tours are approximately 30-45 minutes

Please see VISIT for information on pricing and booking

Don’t have time for the guided tour, we have self guided tour information available within our “Grand Hall” and all customers are able to browse our manufacturing areas between 9am – 4pm 7 days a week.


Hands On Experiences

When you come to a chocolate factory you want to get the full experience and make something!

Please see VISIT for information on pricing and please note there is no need to prebook this experience and you can come into the chocolate sales anytime to purchase a plate

If you have an allergy please make this known at the time of purchasing


Bring a large group?

For groups over 20 people for guided tours or freckle making please to arrange a desired time


Got a school assignment?

Nothing is more interesting to research than a chocolate factory.

We can provide information for commerce, geography, food technology and business study classes.

Better yet we also allow school based guided tours that take an in depth look behind our business and it’s operations

Please email to arrange

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